Volkswagen expands the range Pole with the termination of special Beats

Polo is one of the few models, with which is formed the range of Volkswagen, which does not need much advertising to be sold. Thanks to its fame as the model is well done, wide range mechanical, good security, equipment, heavy and very close image to the Golf, the successes, generation after generation have happened. However, that does not mean that from time to time, have to receive the support of any special version.

In this case, the range Polo has been enriched with the arrival of the termination Beats. Thanks to her, the model German to be given a touch of color and sound to your image, with the addition, expected to approach a younger audience. For this reason, the main change to which it is subjected is the arrival of a new sound system high fidelididad, with a power of 300 watts that are distributed among six speakers and a subwoofer thanks to a digital amplifier of 8 channels.

On an aesthetic level, the Volkswagen Polo Beats it is recognized by some alloy wheels painted in glossy black color of specific design and 16-inch sizes, the logo “Beats” located in the B-pillar of the body, bumpers painted in the same tone of the body or, finally, a few records that cover his features. On the inside, the changes are minor, with a steering wheel, gear knob and hand brake leather-wrapped, different trim in the same tone of the body and piano black or the upholstery in black-and-white, among others.

range mechanics Volkswagen Polo Beats is formed by a single engine. The well-known block gasoline 1.0 three-cylinder with turbo TSI yields 95 HP of power and 175 Nm of maximum torque. Is joined to a system of stop and start fuel-saving Stop&Star, as well as a gearbox cutting manual and 5 relations. There is optionally the possibility to choose for a-type automatic with double clutch DSG and 7 speeds.

The main elements of safety, infotainment and technology that we can find in this special edition are: braking system of the autonomous city, adaptive cruise control, alert pre-collision front, automatic air conditioning bi-zone, infotainment system with 8-inch touch screen, USB, Bluetooth with support systems Mirror Link, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto or four electric windows.

prices official Volkswagen Spain has been suggested for the new Polo Beats in our country are, without subtracting possible promotions and discounts monthly, of the following form:

Motor Change Finish Price
Motor Change Finish Price
1.0 TSI 95 HP Manual 5-speed Beats 19.495 €
1.0 TSI 95 HP Automatic DSG 7-speed Beats 21.155 €

Source – Volkswagen

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