Volkswagen extends the unemployment programmed at the factory to the Passat in Germany

Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat is one of the sedans mean more sold in Europe. The fame of his good product and good price-quality ratio of the presumption that, make it one of the models most viewed on our roads. However the Passat is not immune to the fashion of the SUV and it seems that the demand of the model (in its two variants of body) is weakened in some countries. This is why the German firm has decided that your factory will stop for a few days to avoid over production.

Volkswagen had announced a strike initial in the plant of German Emden (north of Germany) scheduled for the 25th of January and 3rd of February, but now it seems they will add new dates. According to a spokesperson for the brand, the factory must close more days and to do this also will cease its production on 16 and 17 February together with the 21st day of the same month. This measure will affect the 9,000 employees who work in the factory and are in addition to the strikes initially summoned.

Volkswagen Passat Alltrack

According to the German brand the main countries in which the demand Volkswagen Passat is losing bellows are in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Russia. In the firm hope to compensate for this drop in sales with the major shutdowns, while they do not dismiss more stops until Holy Week. By now they are studying the evolution that has each of the markets affected individual to adapt their plant to the changing needs.

remember that this plant also was affected by work stoppages that lived this summer several of the factories of the mark by the failure of some of its suppliers. In addition, of his lines mounting has left out the DC version of the Volkswagen Passat and therefore until the new Arteon not in manufacturing will not be able to combine the manufacturing of some models with the other.

Source – Volkswagen Group

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