Volkswagen finalizes an agreement for the #Dieselgate in the US


2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Clean Diesel

Now Volkswagen has two open fronts with the judicial authorities of the united States. On the one hand, by the violation of the regulations anti-pollution (Clean Air Act), and on the other, for misleading advertising. The first of the fronts could begin to unwind this week.

Although the terms of the agreement remain secret, sources familiar with the talks cited by Bloomberg -under condition of anonymity – say that the agreement will have a cost of close to 10,000 million dollars. It is a very large number, but much lower than it was when it jumped the scandal, more than 30,000 billion dollars.

This agreement provides for the sanctions for breaching the regulations, compensation to customers, repurchase of vehicles or cancellation of contracts leasing, and contribute large sums to a program for reduction of emissions associated with diesel engines. it Is possible that the agreement will be known tomorrow.


The Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI recently received the approval of the KBA to fix their engines

Volkswagen marketed there since 2009, more than 500,000 passenger cars with engines “TDI Clean Diesel”, advertised as the cleanest in the world, that in reality have exceeded the limits of nitrogen oxides (NOx) up to 40 times. It’s going to be a business ruinous for Volkswagen and its brands Audi and Porsch, more than $ 18,000 per car.

customers will receive compensation ranging from 1,000 to $ 7,000, depending on the age of the vehicle and “other factors”. One of the reasons for the compensation to customers is the loss of value of their vehicles, something that in Europe has not happened with the same intensity.

In fact, have not been provided compensation for european customers, where the number of diesel engines in fraudulent account for almost 10 million. According to the european commissioner for industry, Elzbieta Bienkowska, Volkswagen would also have to compensate the european customers, despite being a legal system different. The million dollar question is where are going to get so much money? To 1,000 euros per head we are talking of approximately 1,000 million euros.


In total, the number of diesel engines fraudulent over 11 million units worldwide

Europe is a market vital to Volkswagen, just behind the chinese, where the diesel engine is popular and what will remain. The manufacturer does not have the need to please customers, is the favorite choice of europeans for years, and the sales just have suffered in the wake of the scandal.

In other words, if anyone forces in Europe to Volkswagen to pay compensation, they are not going to take place. do Not have. Of time the TDI engines of the family EA189 are being called upon to review in a staggered manner; first the 2.0 TDI, then the 1.2 TDI, and finally the 1.6 TDI. Not all cars will come to the workshops before the fear of losing benefits or consume more diesel oil.

instead, the united States is the great market that is resistant to Volkswagen. The introduction of diesel engines has been an experiment too expensive, and consumer confidence is not the same. There yes you need to drop dollars to satisfy him to them, if justice so requires, as if not. They are two different situations that require different solutions.


In Europe, Martin Winterkorn, former CEO of Volkswagen, is in the crosshairs of the judicial authorities as responsible for the deception

In that country, Volkswagen will have to put money to contribute to cleaning the air, through the program Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA), which is funded by the competent authority on environment, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As things are, Volkswagen will be devoted to financing solutions to reduce the pollution that their own cars have generated, but also which have generated others, such as buses or heavy machinery with diesel engines. The money will be administered by the Department of Justice, that is to say, the equivalent of the ministry of Justice in Spain.

Missing hours to know the terms of the agreement. Once fixed to this front, you will know what happens with the lawsuit for misleading advertising, that will part, as well as lawsuits collective tax by individuals (class action suits) or other authorities, as any of the 50 states of the union.