Volkswagen Fox calls revision in Argentina and Brazil, since the wheel can break


The owners of Volkswagen Fox must be attentive, since the wheel of his car could divest . So said the brand in a statement that calls for review of a number of units Brazil and Argentina.


Volkswagen-Fox-2015 V olkswagen this week announced simultaneously in Brazil and Argentina call for review of a number units of Fox, by a failure related to fixing the steering wheel, which could detach from the vehicle .

While in Brazil failure affects nearly 4000 units CrossFox Fox and 2015 models, in Argentina the same defect so far only seems to affect only a few units.

The problem is related to the wheel mounting system for units equipped with multifunction steering wheel . According to that indicated by the manufacturer, the judgment is for a component with dimensions out of specification, which eventually can cause the steering wheel discards , with consequent loss of control of the vehicle by the driver.

In the case of Brazil, the defect affects units included between the chassis numbers F4900425 to F4000024 produced between February 3, 2014 to January 21, 2015, totaling 3,785 units both Fox and the CrossFox.

In Argentina meanwhile, the failure is related to the Fox chassis number comprised between F4019434 and F4029383 although they are only 36 units affected. Users should go to the official service to perform the repair at no cost, should be required.





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