Volkswagen Gene.E: the future of recharging in car parks, according to Volkswagen


Volkswagen Gene.And in your booth.

The German firm has carried out a large deployment in the event of Future Mobility Days which are being held these days in Nuremberg, Germany, a trade fair intended to show the latest technologies developed in the field of mobility and in all areas related to it. Among all the novelties presented by the brand at this show, one stands out greatly, a prototype until now unpublished, that receives the name of Volkswagen Gene.And.

The brand has not revealed too much about the model, in fact, the vehicle is just the excuse to introduce the real protagonist of the stand where it is exposed, the mobile robot which accompanies. This has the function of connecting the vehicle to recharge it, since the vehicle is electric. Among the plans of the brand, this technology would serve as parking and storage spaces, where the robot would move between the parked vehicles, and put to charge the batteries of those who needed him.

In terms of the prototype itself, Volkswagen has been very cryptic, stating only that it is “an approach to the next generation of efficient automobiles for long-distance with a range of more than 400 kilometers. Its lightweight architecture has been designed for maximum safety including the battery. The battery is based on advanced cell-ion-lithium and the efficiency of the engine has been optimized.”


The vehicle is only the excuse to show us the operation of the robot.

After this brief description, we find a compact 3-door lines are very dynamic and current, and certain features futuristic, as the mirrors replaced by cameras, but that does not cease to be family, by the evident resemblance of their shapes to those of the Golf, which has made it think more of a medium that could be before the advance of the next Golf, which precisely I talked a few days ago.

To the naked eye and because of its size, it seems clear that the vehicle is designed from the first moment, like an electric vehicle, your great battle, overhangs are very short and small hood make us think of a platform-type electric, such as the recent MEB of Volkswagen, with the batteries in the middle, and the mechanical located on the axes. Precisely, it is already confirmed the first compact model of the brand based on this new platform, and that will come in 2019.

however, certain features of the vehicle seem to be related to previous models of the brand. Specifically the tires and the position of the LED daytime running lights, like the false grill, reminiscent of those used in the futuristic Volkswagen XL1. Perhaps we are before a concept that we brought forward a future model of the brand, not in vain has many design features typical of the brand and that we can find in other models, but what is certain is that account with an image more like that of old models and concepts of the German firm. Perhaps it is a design or even a concept full has been parked for a while and has been employed on the occasion. Time will tell.