Volkswagen gets filled in its internal restructuring

Volkswagen reestructuración internaThe Dieselgate has met recently a year but its consequences can last much longer in the bosom of the Volkswagen Group. To avoid greater evils the German group has announced a restructuring programme capable of, on the one hand, provide a saving in costs substantial, and by another to transform their activities in order to prepare the different brands of the group for its future in which the main actors will be the electric car, connected to and driving autonomously.

The Dieselgate has forced the brand to be procured about 18 billion euros, but still bewildering the total cost that you will cause. Therefore the Volkswagen Group has decided to profoundly change their internal structure and to do this will begin to decrease even more, if it is, its running costs. In addition, taking advantage of the situation will begin to invest more in new technologies and electric mobility.

Volkswagen reestructuración internaAnother of the aspects in which it is also going to work the Volkswagen Group is to increase the gain they get for each vehicle sold and is now among the lowest in the automotive industry. To achieve these purposes, the Group has announced in a press conference that the package of measures that will adopt to meet.

The main problem posed by this internal restructuring is focused on the jobs of the Group. Volkswagen removed in Germany about 23,000 jobs out of a total of 30,000 spread all over Europe (by now in Spain there will be no staff cuts). These cuts will affect the factories that still have not adapted their production lines to the new MQB platform but at the same time will create up to 9,000 additional jobs to carry out the plans of the Group.

The group has announced that the staff cuts will take place through early retirement and other measures of labour flexibility related. These cancellations may occur up to the year 2025 in a gradual manner and without affecting the rest of the group’s employees. With these measures, the Volkswagen Group expects that the profitability of the factories that you have in Germany to increase by 25 percent, which will contribute to an increase of 4 percent on operating margins of the consortium.

With all of these measures the Volkswagen Group expect to be able to invest three billion five hundred million euros in the electric car, connected and the driving autonomously.

Source – Volkswagen Group

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