Volkswagen gives a new step towards the electric vehicle to invest in Hubject


Volkswagen AG happens to be the seventh partner in Hubject.

All the major manufacturers begin to take up positions in the race for the final implementation of the electric car. One of the main problems that this new technology is the infrastructure needed to feed energy to the vehicles outside the home, so that there are few initiatives that have been born in Europe to give a response to this need, whose demand increases every year.

The Volkswagen Group has been the last to join the shareholders of Hubject, a Berlin-based company that has about 40,000 charging points, spread over three continents.

This company was born in 2012, fruit of the collaboration between the companies BMW, Bosch, Daimler, EnBW, innogy and Siemens, which now joins the Volkswagen Group, it is found in one of the initial stages of the development of a future electric range. Whose models, a total of 30, will be launched by the various brands of the group here a year 2025.


Hubject provides a platform that connects operators and users of charging stations.

This is a strategic investment for the Volkswagen Group, the largest car manufacturer on the european continent, not only you will have access to the vast network of charging points in the company’s berlin, but that will be an integral part of the future projects and technology initiatives of Hubject.

One of the advantages that we can find consumers with this type of partnership, between the brands is the long-awaited standardization for the charging systems of electric vehicles, because until now there has been no consensus between the different manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

Hubject has been one of the pioneers in this field, thanks to projects
as “intercharge”, a solution that allows you to connect in a virtual way
different charging points in various countries
, of very diverse
service providers and enterprises, for which the end user can have a
vast network of recharging points through a single platform.


Scheme of the platform Hubject “intercharge”.

indeed, Hubject does not have a single charging station of its own, but
it has a platform on which different providers they turn their
data to offer the driver a single network of services,
regardless of the area in which you are located.