Volkswagen Golf 2017, significant developments await us

Although when a model is renewed it is important, more so if it does which is taken as a reference segment. The Volkswagen Golf 2017 will be, but for the time being since we can know certain aspects of how it will be the eighth generation of a car as important as this.

Ago few months ago, we gave you an advance thanks to the presentation of virtual recreation on the future design of the Golf course. They let us catch a glimpse of a design of a continuation to the time that it changed. We know that the germans are little given to change, but the next generation of the Golf will need to change in certain aspects beyond the design.

And it is here where we have to fix in the version of the SUV, the Volkswagen Tiguan. Since it came up in 2007, the one and the other have gone hand in hand in terms of development, engines and technology. Well it is true that in recent years, the Tiguan has been lagging with respect to the Golf, but that has been caused by the slowness of Volkswagen at the time of renewal.


The new Golf will include a team of infotainment, completely new

however is already back, and with many important innovations that in the near future we will see in the compact. Debuts MQB platform evolved, with a greater battle and a manufacture more rigid to the couple that is safe and lightweight. This is specially designed to adopt a variety of important propellants. From small blocks of three-cylinder petrol up to advanced hybrid drives, as already demonstrated by the Tiguan GTE Concept.

In regards to changes and tractions, do not expect big changes. Will still be available for manual transmissions and automatic dual clutch. And in terms of traction systems the Golf you can enjoy once more of the front-wheel drive with front differential Haldex in addition to being able to incorporate an all-wheel drive 4Motion evolved. This last will be more united to versions range as the Golf Alltrack and possible units highly performance, as the Golf R, or the Volkswagen Golf R400, which should not take to arrive.

But the modern platforms are not only designed to benefit a substantial number of configurations of motor, but also technological. Without fear of being wrong, we can say that the Tiguan is one of the cars more technological of the range Volkswagen, therefore, it is logical to think that the eighth generation of the Golf the will itself.


The Volkswagen Virtual Cockpit will be one of the gadgets featured in this generation

This implies that we will see a last generation technology as the attendees at the driving of the last generation, including an active cruise control with wizard of jam, headlights full LED, vision cameras of 360º, and a revamped infotainment system. Of this we have already spoken, because in the past CES in Las Vegas, Volkswagen gave us a preview with the e-Golf Touch.

To this we must add the new instrument cluster digital of Volkswagen, which already show the Volkswagen Passat and the Tiguan. Its operation is very similar to the Audi Virtual Cockpit, with a large display of 12.3 inches instead of the usual spheres analog. Obviously all this high tech equipment will be part of the list optional, but it is sure to be included.

despite the fact that every time we know more things about the future Volkswagen Golf, the truth is that there is still more than a year to see him in a definitive way. Sure that in this time the Volkswagen will be removed from the sleeve a little detail more that shall include in its model star. At the end of the day-best model at the house of Wolfsburg to release something that the Golf.


Within a year we will leave doubts with the launch of the new Golf