Volkswagen Golf 2017, so it will be the eighth generation


In 2012, Volkswagen unveiled the latest generation that we know of the Golf, the MkVII. It is time to see a renewal, and as happens every time that Volkswagen renews the Golf course, public, media, and rivals are waiting to see how it will be the greatest benchmark in the compact segment since more than forty years ago. It is for this reason that the beginning of the year we started learning about the first data of the Volkswagen Golf 2017.

let’s Take the things with calm, because there is still a long time to see it. That will not happen until next year, probably at the Geneva motor show or Frankfurt. Keep in mind that has not yet begun its testing phase. You have done what you would have seen in our spy pictures, and that for the moment has not happened.

Volkswagen held throughout this year the 40 anniversary of the launch of the Golf GTI

Volkswagen has to be very careful at the time of renewing the Golf, for the very few that can be changes. Given the iol business in which it is located due to the scandal of the greenhouse gas emissions, has to undertake the renovation work with a lot more finesse. Its star product may not be affected by any scandal, so as the saying goes: the things of palace go slowly.

mark German is going to focus on three vital aspects in the new Golf. The first of them will be the design. we do Not think that will assist you to an aesthetic revolution. Nor is it typical of the mentality of the germans, nor is it the brand’s own. Yes, obviously we will see how it changes the look, making effective the philosophy of design that makes a year and a half presented the Volkswagen Passat, and that has been transferred to the new models.

The second of the main points of the renovation work is going to be the field of technology. The Volkswagen Golf has been surpassed by many rivals, some of them within their own home, such as the Audi A3, and the arrival of competitors japanese. Volkswagen may not allow this and it is for this reason that because we will be giving out samples of the technological content that will be available in the new Golf. Demonstrated recently at the CES with the Volkswagen e-Golf Touch. Also incorporate systems that are compatible with Android and iOs.

finally the dynamic aspect. If the Golf is still a benchmark in the segment for more than four decades is thanks to their behavior, and manageability. The new generation must comply with such objectives, and it is for this reason that Volkswagen will have to work hard for this to be so. It is assumed the arrival of an evolution of the MQB platform today, with greater distance between axles, in addition to a complete revision of the set of suspensions.


little by Little Volkswagen us is saying how it will be the infotainment system of the new Golf

motors are a part of this last section, and it is in these where we see plenty of changes. Thanks to the advancement of the technologies of savings, Volkswagen will be able to make the new Golf more powerful than the current at the same time that keeps your data under control of emissions and fuel consumption. It is nothing new that they are working on a Volkswagen Golf R400, but this should form part of the current generation, not the new one.

however, thanks to the progress it can enter, so will be versions of the future. , there will Be a range more jagged and powerful. Finding in the lower part of the normal versions and the hybrid drives GTE, going to the drives GTI and GTD that might be around 260-270 horsepower, the Golf R with 300-320 HP, and reaching the top of range which would represented by the R400 and its impressive 400-420 HP.

it Is expected that Volkswagen would eliminate the three-door body of the Golf to save costs

In function of the versions we will be able to find change manual or automatic DSG, as we will see systems of front-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive. The more powerful units will always be accompanied by the all-wheel drive, automatic change in the R400 and the possibility of choice in the R. In this way, Volkswagen will bring them squarely into the battle of the compact, more powerful, led by the Mercedes A45 AMG.


Image: AutoExpress