Volkswagen Golf 2017: the 5 keys of a major overhaul

Volkswagen Golf 2017- las 5 claves

The 5 keys to the new Volkswagen Golf 2017.

The new Volkswagen Golf 2017 is already a reality. Available in dealers from the end of the last month of December (although it won’t be until February when they arrive the first units), now is the time for which Volkswagen will be the international presentation to the specialized press. And as will be present, we analyze in this article the 5 keys of this important development.

We are faced with a significant “restyling” of the seventh generation of the compact German. And although to the naked eye it may appear that there are few changes, nothing could be further from the reality. The new Volkswagen Golf that very soon we will see rolling along the roads in spain (and throughout Europe) will be positioned as a more advanced model thanks to the improvement in technology and mechanics carried out by the engineers of the German firm.

The renewal arrives all the family Golf, so that from the version GTI or R until the variants to be more green, you benefit from the improvements and new features that we will list throughout each of the five keys.

Volkswagen Golf Variant 2017

Volkswagen Golf Variant 2017.

1. Without radical changes to the aesthetic level

it May seem an irony, but the truth is that, although changes at the level of the image that presents the new Golf, it is a factor to be taken into account. The design of the current generation is very interesting and thanks to these small adjustments, Volkswagen has succeeded in “washing the face” of your popular model and updating it to keep it on the market for more time, so look forward to the arrival of the next generation.

The main aesthetic changes to the Volkswagen Golf 2017 can be summarized in a few bumpers restyled, new LED headlights, rear lights with a new signature lighting as well as new wheel designs and colours for the bodywork. With all this, the new Golf transmitted a more modern, fresh and current.

Volkswagen Golf 2017 - interior

the interior of The new Volkswagen Golf debuts numerous new technologies.

2. Technology everywhere

Is another of the major advances offered by the renewed compact. We are faced with the Volkswagen Golf with more advanced technology ever created by the German manufacturer. Once we entered the cabin of the new Golf, the first thing that call our attention is the new touch screen of 9.2 inches in which to make use of the latest system of info-entertainment brand.

through this screen of enormous dimensions, we have at our disposal a whole series of connected services as well as the ability to use Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Mirror Link. And for the first time is included in this model package Car-Net Security Service with call or emergency assistance, among other functions. And to do this, we must add the panel digital instrumentation 12.3-inch capable of displaying information in 2D or 3D.

Volkswagen Golf 2017 - tecnologĂ­a

Come to the range of the Volkswagen Golf 2017, new driving aids.

3. More driving aids

just like their main rivals, the Volkswagen Golf 2017 also continues to progress toward the driving-piloted, and with this renewal are introduced new driving aids. One of the most important news in this aspect is the arrival to the compact German system “Traffic Jam Assist”. A technology designed to aid the driver in conditions with dense traffic and/or withholdings.

we Also have the system “Front Assist” as well as the adaptive cruise control, a notice of abandonment lane and emergency braking with recognition of pedestrians. In short, we are faced with a Golf course more comfortable to drive and safe.

Volkswagen e-Golf 2017

The new Volkswagen e-Golf increases its autonomy up to 200 km (actual).

4. A version 100% electric more interesting

, Leaving the Golf of conventional mechanical and focusing on alternative more eco-friendly that we can find in this family of models, we must emphasize the changes that presents the new Volkswagen e-Golf. The variant of mechanical 100% electric now offers a great improvement in their autonomy. The new e-Golf debuts an electric motor more powerful with 134 HP and 290 Nm of maximum torque.

in Addition, it has increased the capacity of the battery pack of lithium-ion up to 35.8 kWh. Thanks to this, you will have a real independence of 200 kilometers. And with the new more powerful engine, the Volkswagen e-Golf 2017 will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in only 9,6 seconds. At the level of equipment and technology also benefits from all the developments mentioned throughout the above points.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017. Now more dynamic and powerful.

5. New mechanical options more efficient

Returning to the Golf-based, the range of engines gives the welcome to new options more efficient. The main is, without doubt, a engine 1.5-liter Evo TSI four-cylinder with 150 HP and 250 Nm of maximum torque. We also met with the new version BlueMotion of 131 HP and 200 Nm with a function of driving “sailing”.

And for the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017 there are also innovations, as the engine under your hood, you receive upgrades to increase its power to 230 HP and 245 HP. Volkswagen has also made this update to enter in the range new gearbox DSG dual-clutch with seven relations.