Volkswagen Golf 2017: The brand publishes its prices in Germany


Available already in Germany.

Just a few weeks after its presentation at the Salon of Los Angeles, the new Volkswagen Golf 2017 already has prices in Germany. For the moment, the brand has not revealed his fee for our market, but these prices can give us an idea of the composition of the new range, which will be available from 2017.

For the moment, the German brand has not included the new block TSI Evo 4-cylinder and 1.5-liter engine in the range starting from the new Golf, so we hope that this new engine of 150 horses debut throughout 2017. The range initial comprising 4 petrol engines TSI, 2 diesel engines TDI and a gas version TGI, all of them supercharged and with the last name of Bluemotion.

These can be combined with 3 trim versions, in addition to the version GTI, only available with the engine 2.0 TSI Bluemotion 230 horses. The transmission choices available are four, manual 5-and 6-speed automatic DSG, 6 and 7 relationships.


The version GTI is also available.

The version of access in Germany is the Golf Trendline 1.0 TSI Bluemotion, with body hatchback 3-door part of the 19.625 € . The choice of 5-door Golf hatchback costs 900 euros and the variant costs between 2,000 and 2,500 euros more, according to versions. The Golf GTI in body 3-door and manual transmission part of the 29.975 euros.

Motor Combustible potencia Transmisión Trendline Confortline Highline GTI
1.0 TSI Gas 110 HP Manual 19.625 € 21.675 euros
1.4 TSI Gas 125 HP Manual 22.775 euros 24.500 euros
1.4 TSI Gas 125 HP DSG 24.775 euros 26.500 euros
1.4 TSI Gas 150 HP Manual 24125 euros 25.850 €
1.4 TSI Gas 150 HP DSG 26.125 euros 27.850 €
2.0 TSI Gas 230 CV Manual 29.975 euros
2.0 TSI Gas 230 CV DSG 31.975 euros
1.4 TGI Gas 110 HP Manual 24.175 euro 26.225 €
1.4 TGI Gas 110 HP DSG 26.100 € 28.225 euros
1.6 TDI Diesel 115 HP Manual 22.200 euros 24.250 €
1.6 TDI Diesel 115 HP DSG 24.125 euros 26.250 eur
2.0 TDI Diesel 150 HP Manual 28.800 euros 28.525 €

By the time the brand has not revealed when it will take place on the
commercial launch of the new range Golf 2017 in our country, but
following the launch in your market home, you should not spend too much
time for which Volkswagen reveals prices for our market.