Volkswagen Golf 2017: the restyling is ready to debut in November

Volkswagen Golf - todas las generaciones

The different generations of the Volkswagen Golf in a single photograph.

The countdown has begun. Thus, we confirmed Volkswagen the imminent presentation of the expected “restyling” of the seventh generation of the Golf. Although it is not many weeks leaked the Volkswagen Golf 2017 with all luxury of details (with the exception of knowing the interior), in a few days we may get a first official glimpse at the first major overhaul of the Golf Mk7.

Volkswagen invites us to be attentive to the early days of the next month of November since that will be the time when it will be released the major update of the “bestseller” German. But, what is the news awaiting us in the Golf Mk7.2? the restyling of The model German is presented to us with an image more fresh and modern. The main changes focus on the front and his behind.

In the first case, the Volkswagen Golf 2017 will equip some new headlights and a bumper redesigned. Transporting us to his behind, what we will see in the renovated Golf course will be a few new exhaust outlets trapezoidal integrated perfectly in the new bumper. Yes, it should be noted that these exhaust outlets will be false (depending on the version configured) to the equal that occurs with other models of the brand such as the Volkswagen Passat. And on the other hand, the rear lights debut new signature light and look to the LED technology.

taking Advantage of the introduction of the new “restyling” of the
Volkswagne Golf, the brand will update the palette of colors available for the
body as well as wheel designs. Leaving aside the outside, if
we cater to new developments that we will find in its interior, the Golf 2017 premiere
the latest system of info-entertainment of the brand as well as the
digital scorecard. We can also expect new upholstery and

on the other hand, and taking advantage of the presentation of new
Volkswagen Golf 2017 is just around the corner, the German brand has
decided to remember some of the records
of its popular compact.

Records of Records of the Volkswagen Golf
32.590.025 vehicles at the close of 2015 The european car more successful
21.517.415 vehicles
2002. Sales of the Golf overtook the Beetle.
10.000.000 vehicles
1988. The Volkswagen Golf has already exceeded the barrier of 10 million.
1.000.000 miles
2003. The driver of a Golf MK1 surpassed the million miles.
188.938 euros
The Golf most expensive sold at auction in 2005. Its first owner was Pope Benedict XVI.
10.156 euros
The first Golf of the German chancellor Angela Merkel was auctioned in 2012.
2.120 Golf each and every day
More than 2,000 Golf new are produced and sold each day from 40 years ago.
730 days for the first million
Only 2 years after his debut, he gave the unit 1 million of the first generation of the Golf.
650 CV for the more enthusiastic
The Golf most powerful than the story is the GTI W12-650, presented in 2007 at W├Ârthersee.
155 countries
The Golf is manufactured in 5 plants in 4 countries and is exported to 155 countries around the world.
5 power options
Is the only car in the world available with mechanical, electrical, hybrid, petrol, diesel and gas.