Volkswagen Golf Cabrio 2016: slightly updated and still host the MQB platform, why


When will the new platform Modularer Querbaukasten – MQB for friends – the Volkswagen Golf Cabrio? Good question. The latest generation, the number seven, the Volkswagen Golf, knew it in 2012. And since then its convertible body has remained virtually unchanged, with an even older platform, PQ35 , which was used not only by the sixth generation Golf, but also for its predecessor, the fifth generation. With everything and that, in Wolfsburg changes other than those discussed in this slightly updated Volkswagen Golf Cabrio 2016 some makeup, renewal of engines and little believe necessary. But all this has an explanation.

The Volkswagen Golf Cabrio retains the platform of the Golf V and Golf VI. Still, sales remain respectable, and Volkswagen advocates – for now -. For an update of engines and minor aesthetic details

The Volkswagen Golf Cabrio continues to have respectable numbers in Germany, also in the rest of Europe. The launch took place in 2011 , when the seventh-generation Golf with the new platform MQB faced the final stages of development, prior to submission. It is not therefore such an old model, although it is its platform, which does not prevent the convertible remains safe for those seeking a four-seat convertible compact dimensions and a very acceptable level of quality commitment. That, in short, makes Volkswagen not worry him too much, at least as much as in other models, accelerate the development of a new generation low platform MQB .

also remember that the Volkswagen Golf Cabrio, with its canvas roof, eventually covering the disappearance of the Volkswagen Eos , which enjoyed retractable hardtop.


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The Euro VI budding urges this and other models, which have to renew its range of engines to benefit from the new emission standards.

That said, the Volkswagen Golf Cabrio 2016 will be present at the Frankfurt Motor Show with light makeup , including a sportier front bumper, as well as a bass extension and a new design for the rear bumper. Six new colors to its catalog, six new wheel designs and a new finish for soft roof are added. There will also be new designs of flyers and inserts in the interior and finishes of fabric and leather for seat covers.

The most important change, which in any way could avoid Volkswagen, passed through the renewal of the engine range to qualify for the Euro VI emissions standard . The Volkswagen Golf Cabrio will be available with four engines TSI petrol and two diesel TDI . Yet we know if all of them will be available in Spain, where the Golf Cabrio is offered right now with motor TSI 150 hp and TDI 110 hp and a GTI Cabrio 220 hp.

volkswagen-golf-cabrio-2016-3 The following list see the list of engines that will be available in Europe, with fuel consumption and emissions with manual transmission, and then to change DSG . The GTI only 220 hp is available with DSG 6-speed.

Motor Power Consumption Emissions CO2
1.2 TSI 105 hp 5.2-5.1 l / 100 km 119-117 g / km
1.4 TSI 125 hp 5.5-5.3 l / 100 km 127-121 g / km
1.4 TSI 150 hp 5.5-5.2 l / 100 km 128-120 g / km
GTI 2 0.0 TSI 220 hp 6.5 l / 100 km 152 g / km
2.0 TDI 110 hp 4.3-4.2 l / 100 km 111-109 g / km
2.0 TDI 150 hp 4.7-4.6 l / 100 km 125-122 g / km

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