Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept: uniting efficiency and performance

Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept

Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept in his debut at Wörthersee.

Another of the great firsts that Volkswagen has been revealed in the Festival Wörthersee 2017 is the new Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept. A prototype plug-in hybrid, which joins the Volkswagen Up! GTI and the Golf GTI First Decade Concept, of which we have already spoken on previous occasions. In this case, we find a model that seeks to combine efficiency and performance.

To tackling the design project of the Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept, the German manufacturer has already left the premises and essence of the acronym AWG, and is synonymous with sustainability and driving dynamics. It has been sought to translate both concepts in the new prototype, which, as we say, can be seen at Wörtherse until tomorrow may 27th, the last day of the event.

All details exterior color blue we reveal that we are dealing with a vehicle mechanical “electrified”. The body has been painted in colour “White Electric” with effect pearlescent. In addition, the roof in black provides a contrast very important. This key is located in the exterior rearview mirrors, air dam in the front bumper or in the side sills.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept - lateral

The new Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept throws a power of 272 HP.

Another important element that catches the eye are the alloy wheels of 19-inch “Pretoria” in blue and black. These wheels leave the view of the calipers in the color “blue GTE”. In the rear area of the exhaust pipe or the diffuser of the Golf GTI and the aileron on the edge of the roof of the Golf GTI Clubsport provide the sporty touch and radical GTE Performance Concept.

Leaving to one side the outside, and although we don’t have pictures of the interior, Volkswagen confirmed to us that there are many different interesting details like the leather lounge sports seats and a multifunction steering wheel covered in Alcantara with blue markings.

Going to the (mechanical, the new Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept presents important improvements with regard to the model that is currently marketed in dealerships. After several adjustments, has increased the power output of 204 HP to 272 HP while the maximum torque goes from 350 to 450 Nm respectively. A considerable increase.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept - posterior

Another of the virtues of the Volkswagen Golf GTE Performance Concept is its electric range of 50 kilometers.

in Addition, to these figures we must add one of the main features of the hybrid technology plug-in that propels the Golf GTE Performance Concept, and it can go up to 50 km in mode 100% electric.