Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept: struggling against the “dieselgate” to blow hybridization and sportsmanship

Volkswagen is presented to an Salon Los Angeles that is not going to be exactly easy for the German firm. Before them the pressure of a country that has been responsible for uncovering the scandal of the emissions and of course, attention fixed on them the spotlight of the interrogation in the media and on the doubt of the customers. Willing to clean up their image, to get the brightness to the development of new technologies-drive, Volkswagen has come to the mentioned room with him Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport that time ago already dazzled us.

In the last days, Volkswagen and Audi have presented a multitude of progress, what a way to redeem their sins?

Volkswagen golf GTE Sport Concept we met him in the past Wörthersee. Now back to the scene in the middle of the scandal of the emissions.

on the one hand we find a spectacular image, a widened and futuristic Volkswagen Golf despite preserving the essence compact original, introduces us to what could well be the presence of futuristic any generation to come. On the other, their main charm, a powertrain where the performance of an engine inherited from the competition, and the efficiency of a set electric.

Under that futuristic picture we find the engine 1.6 TSI employed by the Volkswagen Polo R WRC, a mechanism that develops a power output of 299 horsepower, and two thrusters electric, one located on the front axle and another on the train back, to play a total of 400 horses.

Is able to move up 50 kilometers in all-electric mode with a single charge, as it is also capable of spraying the 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds supported by its all-wheel drive and the waste of pair, counting together with 670 Nm.


a deployment of technology, sporting intentions, which reinforces all the developments in mobility, alternative and avant-garde solutions means that we have seen in the last day by the Volkswagen group in a maneuver that well seems to want to clear at the flick of a technology.

Innovations such as the new suspension electromechanical Audi, turbo electric, the Volkswagen Phaeton fully electric… and a Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport returns to pose under the spotlight to help us understand how is the immediate future of the sports car beyond the apex of hiperdeportivos where this technology is already very present.