Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017: the renewal also comes to the sports version

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017 are presented in society.

If does little more than an hour you’ll have cash in direct the presentation of the new Volkswagen Golf, it should be noted that the compact German was not only in the event held in Wolfsburg (Germany). Along with the more variant family, the Golf Variant, have also been presented to the rest of the members of the family, the new Golf GTE as well as the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017. And of this last we are going to focus in this article.

By the way, also has spoken about the Volkswagen e-Golf 2017, although the brand notes that its debut will be at the upcoming motor show in Los Angeles in 2016. Returning to the popular sport version of the compact Volkswagen is set to the day and receive all of the latest technological advancements and equipment that incorporates the base model. Yes, I always focus to show its side more dynamic and sporty.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017, more powerful, and technological

Taking a look at the images, we realize all the new aesthetic that presents the new Golf GTI. The sports version GT the Volkswagen Golf is characterized by incorporating multiple elements such as the profile red grill, which is now gaining prominence, the transverse band of the grill or the small “winglets” side of red color located in the double headlights LED.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017 - interior

In its interior we find details that accentuate the sporty character of the Golf GTI.

And what is behind the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017? If we look at its posterior area, in addition to the new bumper (which also opens in the front), we see the new groups optical rear Full LED. To this we must add the new exhaust outlets with a larger cross-sectional and a chrome finish.

Leaving to one side your exterior design and focusing on your interior, it is clear that we are in a sport version. The trim and upholstery specific already give us a glimpse of that is the Golf GTI, while the steering wheel, gear knob or change the pedals since we eliminate any type of doubt. It seeks to create a sporting environment, but without going to extremes.

At a technological level, as we said at the beginning of the article, the new Volkswagen Golf GTI incorporates all the innovations discussed in the article in the new Golf. The new touch screen of 9.2 inches to use the new system of information and entertainment or the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit will be present in this version of the range. And in this case, the panel of digital instrumentation will display the graphics in shades of red that make reference to the acronym GTI. As the new systems of driving assistance as the “Front Assist” or “Traffic Jam Assist and adaptive cruise control.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017 - posterior

In the rear of the new Golf GTI we find a new bumper and rear lights Full LED.

Going to the (mechanical, there are also innovations
important. There comes a power increase now that the Volkswagen Golf GTI will feature a 230-HP, while the Golf GTI Performance, the most
powerful, raises this figure up to 245
. At the moment there are figures of benefits so we will have to
expect to know how much time is required to complete the sprint from 0 to 100
km/h or what maximum speed can reach.