Volkswagen Golf GTI 2020: the next generation will adopt a mechanical hybrid

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2020 MK8 - recreación

Recreation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2020 (MK8). Credit: coach.

While we’re still waiting for that to arrive to the dealers the new Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017 (something that will happen from the next month of February with a starting price of 33.850 euros), are already circulating the first information about the next generation of the Golf GTI. Recall that the model that will land so imminent in the Spanish market is a “restyling” of the seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf.

however, there is no time to stop and see how well that is working the compact German. In Volkswagen are already with the first preparations for getting “on-site” and to begin to develop the Golf MK8. The eighth generation will be a reality in the face at the end of this decade or even as early as 2020. And although I still have a few years of waiting, we can anticipate some of the main aspects of the next Volkswagen Golf GTI.

The new model that is being presented these days is powered by a 2.0 liter TSI improved to give up to 230 HP connected to a gearbox six-speed manual and an automatic DSG the same number of relations. Now, with the new generation of the exclusive use of a combustion engine will be history, welcoming a mechanical “electrified”.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017 - posterior

So is the new Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017 that very soon you will arrive at the dealers.

The future Volkswagen Golf GTI 2020 will be powered by a hybrid system that will allow to increase the performance of the compact sport to the couple that reduce the levels of fuel consumption and emissions. With this change, which surely horrified by the more purists, Volkswagen aims to have on the market a model that is more eco-friendly and ready to face the tough times ahead.

to Reach a power of approximately 265 HP according to some sources close to Frank Welsch, Head of Research and Development of Volkswagen. To reach this figure we will be in a Golf GTI that I would have nothing to envy to the Golf GTI Clubsport limited edition. In the hybrid system the heart will continue to be a engine turbo petrol with 2.0 liters and shall be accompanied by a small electric block.

The basis of the new generation of the Volkswagen Golf will be an updated version of the MQB platform used by the current model. But thanks to the work of the engineers and designers of Volkswagen, you will get to reduce the weight of some 50 kilograms through the use of light metal in the structure. With this weight reduction and the adoption of the mechanical hybrid will allow the Golf GTI to position itself as the most efficient.