Volkswagen Golf GTI Heartbeat, 400 HP for the Wörthersee

Volkswagen Golf GTI Heartbeat

Not, Volkswagen has not gone to the head with the Golf GTI and looking for power without limits. After meeting at the Wörthersee the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport’s, now comes news of the Volkswagen Golf GTI Heartbeat that reaches 400 HP of power. As is usual at the Wörthersee, learners of different brands of the Volkswagen Group will present their own prototypes, and this is one of them. This is already the ninth car created within the program, Volkswagen Vocational Training that displays its results each year, since 2008, on the Wörthersee.

12 apprentices between 20 and 26 years, have worked for more than nine months to carry a Golf GTI Performance to what is now the GTI Heartbeat. The modifications affect all parts of the vehicle, from the exterior to the interior, of course without forgetting the mechanics, that draws from the engine 2.0 TSI of nothing less than 400 HP power.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Heartbeat is clearly distinguishable from any other Golf. The paint matte grey along with the shiny silver get them, and the network of nest bee is a great attention grabber. The 40th anniversary of the Volkswagen Golf GTI remains patent with that number stamped on the side of the body. Red is a colour historically linked to the GTI and that is very present in the details of this prototype of the trainees.

In the interior have been used buckets front of the GTI Clubsport S with the number 40 embroidered in the headrests. The details of red not lacking in the passenger compartment, as a few cardiogramas painted in red color on the mouldings of the doors and the dashboard. The rear seats have been removed, but not to lighten, as in the GTI Clubsport’s, but to install a computer sound 1.360 watts with seven speakers and LED lighting.

Source – Volkswagen