Volkswagen Golf GTI imagining the next generation


The eighth generation Golf GTI will arrive in the market in 2019, but not before reaching a restyling of the current model. It is expected that the Golf GTI VIII adopt a more aggressive look and engines with power up to 320 hp


Volkswagen Golf GTI VIII (Proyección) H ace a few days it became known that the next generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI is offered in three power variants. While in a few months more will hit the market makeover of the seventh generation, is expected to debut the Golf VIII to 2019 .

The Golf GTI VIII have more aggressive look and power up to 320 hp.

Boys Auto Express put your imagination to work and developed the projection that you see here. It is expected to acquire a somewhat more aggressive look, with some design guidelines that could be observed in some of the more recent prototypes. According to information that could acquire the British publication, it is expected that the most successful model of the German brand has this time a aesthetic revolution , moving away from what until now had been the case with recent generational relay.

Some tracks to wherever aims Volkswagen GTI can be found in the GTI Concept Golf Design Vision presented at the festival Wörthersee 2013 , same scenario chosen a year later to show the GTE Sport Hybrid . In the projections by the British classical silhouette site Golf observed, but with aggressive traits that are found in their front bumper and LED headlamps.

Volkswagen Golf GTI VIII (Proyección) It is believed that Volkswagen will show a prototype Golf in Las Vegas during the month of January as part of the 2016 edition of Consumer Electronics Show , also known as CES.

Under the hood the eighth generation of the Golf GTI also offer several new features, mainly because there will be a single power option. The range of GTI begin with an updated version of the current TSI 2.0-liter block, which produce around 260 hp . As there will be an intermediate version called variant Performance even more performance, with a power of about 300 horsepower and optimized brake system, among some other mechanical improvements.

But the icing on the cake will be Club Sport , which will have an even more aggressive visual style, in keeping with their more rigid chassis and a power that could exceed 320 horsepower . The thrusters will be associated both manual transmissions as automatic double-clutch DSG, which would take 10 Relations .

Volkswagen Golf GTI VIII (Proyección)



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