Volkswagen Golf GTI or Scirocco GTS:

fratricidal duel !

We know the price of the new Volkswagen Scirocco GTS … and of course, seeing the range in which the comparative moves with his brother, Volkswagen Golf GTI is served. A ringside compact renewed arguments wielding a new platform technologies … the other, a coupe that has steered really well over time.

Volkswagen Golf GTI or Volkswagen Scirocco GTS ?

The first thing to consider is that Volkswagen Golf GTI is a new product that the Scirocco. If the Scirocco was recently renovated with a facelift, but the Golf has the current platform MQB and the Scirocco not.

said we can not ignore the Volkswagen Scirocco has managed to cope with the passage of time really well and many eyes will remain an attractive option for designing the Volkswagen Golf.

Both models are in the hands of a mechanical 2.0 TSI 220 horses , both have a number of cosmetic additives sportier cut and new details in its interior in the form of steering wheels, pedals, upholstery … also own your condition, but How much is the Golf GTI ? And the Volkswagen Scirocco GTS ?

The Volkswagen Golf GTI part from 32,400 euros in the manual version and from 34,270 euros in the case of the variant with change DSG . The Volkswagen Scirocco GTS does the same since 31,630 euros in the case of manual variant and from 31,680 euros in the case of the variant with change DSG .

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And you, which of these two vitamin-Volkswagen would you choose?

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