Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR, an end to the street with 290 HP

Volkswagen has prepared a final model for the full range of GTI of the present generation more interesting, and has advanced in these pictures, teaser, giving us also some important data about its performance. It will be called Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR and, it seems, will be a variant of your model of competition for the championship TCR brought to the streets. Its official presentation will take place next Wednesday, in the famous event Wörthersee.

The German brand has already launched some time ago, the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S, a true sports model with no less than 310 HP and a tune is exquisite. We still don’t know for sure what you will bring to the level of settings the new Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR, but it seems that, as the Clubsport, will be focused on the maximum sensations at the wheel, with a tare hard, fast, and very precise. Yes, the engine will yield something less.

Performance of the Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

What we do know is what we will find under your hood. There will be staying a engine 2.0 TSI with a performance of 290 HP -between 5.000 and 6.800 rpm- and 370 Nm -between 1,600 and 4,300 rpm of torque. Mandatory shall be associated to a gearbox DSG dual-clutch and seven relationships.

do you Know the history of the Volkswagen Golf GTI and its versions more sports? Here’s what we have.

All this power will go directly to the front, who will be in charge of passing it conveniently to the asphalt thanks to the use of a differential lock. Your maximum speed will be 250 km/h, and can remove the limiter for reach the 264 km/h tip. According to Volkswagen, this last detail makes the Golf GTI street fastest ever produced.

What will be your aesthetic?

The images that accompany this article are images teaser released by the brand. You know, trying to get the long teeth without showing us everything in full and in detail. The feeling that they transmit to us is that, although will maintain the traditional features of the GTI, will search for a more sporty feel through the taking of air more big, bumper specific that will end up closer to the ground, wheels with new design and a marked diffuser with double exhaust outlet. Anyway, next week we will know more thoroughly.

presents Wednesday, may 9 at Wörthersee

As we said at the start, this Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR will be presented Wednesday, may 9, in the famous quote annual Wörthersee, in the south of Austria. What began as a meeting of some owners of GTI, today is the big event that every fan of the acronym and Volkswagen must witness. last year gathered more than 7,500 vehicles and it is estimated that about 125,000 people witnessed this event.

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