Volkswagen Golf IV R32 by HPerformance: a beast with 550 hp last

The preparation today it features a guest with a few years behind a Volkswagen Golf R32 that, like a stake to the current escalation of power the compact it were, has been taken, wildly, until beyond the 500 horses .

If we add the price of the Golf R32 and preparation could buy a new Golf R … but of course, would not have the charm that has this beast of the past.

HPerformance is responsible for the preparation for performance based version of that fourth generation of the Volkswagen Golf and that’s how the mechanics 3.2-liter V6 originally played 240 horses has been pushed to the 550 horses , increasing by the way the pair until a devastating 730 Nm .

A new turbo kit, a new admission, pistons, connecting rods and compression of the revised block, a new exhaust system … and clear as an electronic power to take such a power comes in addition of course, accompanied by changes in their chassis.

The coach has introduced a new suspension signed by KW and new stabilizer bars on the front and rear axles, and a new set of 19-inch wheels .

Aesthetically, the main change, beyond vinyls and tires, is in the hands of an enlarged fin to accommodate the new set of wheels and making threatening step further aspect of this R32 .

What you have a Golf R32 and want to know how much is this preparation? The price of this significant twist to R32 is 35,000 euros . Between the price of the preparation and what you can get for your R32 could fuck a new 300-hp Golf R yes … but it would be this beast of 550 horses of the past.


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