Volkswagen Golf R Variant 2017, it first spy photos of your update!


The expected facelift that come with Volkswagen Golf 2017 will not include only the bodies of three and five doors, but the family will also benefit from all the new features that will include this imminent facelift, which will update the design, engines, and equipment of the compact German.

what’s more, thanks to these spy photos we can confirm that there will be a Volkswagen Golf R 2017 conveniently renewed. The Volkswagen Golf R Variant was new in the seventh generation of the model, in the case of the first occasion on which the multi-purpose body family was offered with a version of ‘R’ high-performance, and will continue to be offered with the arrival of its ‘facelift’.


This testing unit Volkswagen Golf R Variant 2017 has been photographed in the mountains of the Alps, and hiding with camouflage those parts of your body that will change: in particular, its front. In some pictures you can see how to share comparative tests with a unit of the current Volkswagen Golf R -in white color and five doors-and their stickers rear them reveal: “Bresmversuch“, essay of brakes in German.

Their front bumper, are of new design, with higher inputs for cooling. Its front grille remains hidden, but if we are guided by the design filtering of the Volkswagen Golf 2017, we know that there also will be adopted subtle changes. Much of the same thing happens with their front and rear lights with new graphics bright.

The quad exit exhaust back gives you away, though the train of shooting of this Golf R Variant 2017 does not seem to the production, with wheels and tires of smaller diameter and higher profile: this is a detail, temporary, and specific to this drive for their tests, and incorporate measuring devices.


engine 2.0 TSI four-cylinder, we may expect a higher power, surpassing slightly the 300 HP of the current and lagged again above recent versions such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S.

Along with the new digital instrumentation that will be offered on an optional basis, very similar to the one already available in the Volkswagen Passat, in the Golf 2017 we will also see developments in technology and electronic aids to driving: it is expected that this update to the compact bestseller from Wolfsburg is present at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017, although probably the versions ‘R’ are delayed a few more weeks.