Volkswagen Golf R Variant Performance 35: the Golf family now with 350 horsepower

Volkswagen has given the do chest in the Wörthersee Tour 2016 and next to the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S has presented us to a Volkswagen Golf GTI Heartbeat that keeps alive the idea of a Volkswagen Golf 400 horses, but there is still more. In addition to Volkswagen us has presented a more powerful version of the Volkswagen Golf R Variant (see test of the Volkswagen Golf R Variant), conceptual yes, but with 350 horsepower under the hood, the Volkswagen Golf R Variant Performance 35.

The deployment of new Volkswagen for Wörthersee Tour culminates with this fmailiar of 350 horsepower:

Sporting a finish bicolor, with an interlaced technical in the that the red breaks a nice shade of grey, we are presented with an vitaminado Volkswagen Golf R Variant that is in some way overshadowed by the cheerful GTI presented on the occasion of the 40 anniversary of the launch of the first GTI.

This Golf R family has a version enhanced of the block 2 litres that we already find under the hood of the Volkswagen Golf R to be “normal”, reached, from the 300 horsepower, to a total of 350 horses that are delivered to all four wheels.

in Addition to the color scheme and the extra power changes were introduced in its interior, with a ceiling “starry” at the flick of a LED and a sound system 12 speakers with 2 500 watt.