Volkswagen Golf Special Edition: how a Golf 16.700€? where is the trick?

there are Probably a few ways to acquire a good new car, at a good price, better than the promotional offers periodically released by manufacturers, and that my colleagues of What car do I buy? collected every month in this post (to view the best deals on new cars in the month of April). Volkswagen doesn’t get rid of it, nor its most popular model, the Volkswagen Golf. And in these moments it is possible to acquire Volkswagen Golf Special Edition 2016 by 16.700€. What is the small print of this offer? What is your equipment?

The offer includes decent equipment, a gasoline engine of 110 HP, and of course funding and Plan PIVE.

To begin with, the Volkswagen Golf Special Edition is an edition that aims to bring together the basic equipment in a Golf, with engines a little powerful, but sufficient, at an affordable price. This line is available with two engines, the 1.6 TDI 110 HP (diesel) with manual gearbox of 5 speeds, and the 1.2 TSI 110 HP (petrol) with manual gearbox of 6 speeds. The offer that we are offering with this latest engine.

engine 1.2 TSI is more than enough for a Golf, but don’t make a show of power, and performance for the most demanding. Is a motor saver, but have recently been able to get a little overshadowed with the arrival of a three-cylinder, with smaller displacement, the 1.0 TSI available in the BlueMotion, which with 115 HP get consumption even lower.

volkswagen-golf-special-edition-2016-04to equipment, we take into account that this Volkswagen Golf Special Edition, touted with bodywork of five doors, and alloy wheels of 16″. It also includes the system Park Pilot, assistant and parking sensors front and rear, computer entertainment Composition Media touch-screen 6.5″, Bluetooth, multifunction steering wheel, 7 airbags, fog lamps with turn signal and arm rests front and Start & Stop.

volkswagen-golf-special-edition-2016-01The small print is that this price already includes discount Plan PIVE, so that if we are not beneficiaries of this the price is increased up to 17.500€.

That is not all, this price, as the majority of the offer prices that you usually see in advertising, it also includes financing. That is not a drama if your goal from the beginning is to finance a car, but if it is not your goal, it is an aspect that you have to keep in mind. The Volkswagen Golf Special Edition with this price requires, for example, finance the transaction with the financial support of Volkswagen with a minimum capital of 12,000 euros and a minimum stay of 48 months, which makes your final price is set above€20,000.

SEAT, for example, also has an offer for the SEAT Leon Connect, from 13.900€ and with the same engine 1.2 TSI 110 HP, finishing, Connect, and bodywork of 5 doors. Offering that also requires finance with Volkswagen Finance.

Source: Volkswagen
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