Volkswagen Golf VII 2017 (facelift): a new engine of 1.5 liters to cope with the Renault Mégane, Opel Astra and company

We’ve guessed already that we can expect in the next generation Volkswagen Golf, which offer even the upcoming versions of the sport, you what we have in the article “Volkswagen Golf VIII (2018): 5 keys to understanding the new Golf that is coming” and “what we Talk already of the next Volkswagen Golf GTI?”, but what will offer us the latest evolution of the current generation? On the way there is a face wash and it seems that one of the key changes will be under the hood with a new series of thrusters 1.5 litres.

These new thrusters will have to relieve the 1.6 TDI 110 hp, the 2.0 TDI of 150 hp, the 1.4 TSI of 125 cv…

Herbert Diess
, CEO of Volkswagen, has been commissioned to confirm the arrival of two new engine of 1.5 liters, one gasoline and one diesel engine, both supercharged, in your face wash that it will premiere the Volkswagen Golf. This confirmation has taken place during the last Detroit motor show to Motoring.

Around these two new blocks of 4 cylinders would give way to a range in which there would also be room for a block of 1 liter and 3 cylinders cubicaje.

These new blocks of 1.5 litres would arise from to adapt the already known block of 1.6 liter diesel and 1.4-liter gasoline, furthermore to a process for the manufacture more expensive, pointing to the own Herbert Diess, but with the added attraction that, thanks to this evolution, you will get a set of lighter and emissions under.

This facelift of the Volkswagen Golf would be scheduled for the end of the year, so we can assume that what we’ll see in the iaa. The latest rumors have been set to 2018 the arrival of the new generation of the Volkswagen Golf, so perhaps in this face wash let us see much of what will offer the next generation, including these thrusters.