Volkswagen Golf VIII (2018): 5 keys to understanding the new Golf that is coming

we Open a window to the future. An approach to the next generation Volkswagen Golf, what we should find, that surely we find ourselves in. We have already done with your side more sporty, with the Volkswagen Golf GTI and company, you what we have in the article “what we Talk already of the next Volkswagen Golf GTI?”, now do the same with the Golf, “normal”, with this compact German so many times (with reason or not) set as the reference segment.

The new Volkswagen Golf will continue to count under his “skin” with the MQB platform:

The new Volkswagen Golf, the eighth generation, is expected to be articulate about the already well-known MQB platform or, better said, an evolution of this platform, which we recall gives life to so many models of the brand, the group. The Audi A3, in 2012, was the first to have this architecture… and some say even its permanence until 2025.

lighter, wider, lower and with a better habitability:

Is expected in a weight reduction that would be between 30 and 70 kg according to the version while that we would see as your body adopts a form lower, as well as a wider. Beyond its presence would be sought in addition to have a best livability inside.

The next Volkswagen Golf diesel that you buy will have an engine of 3 cylinders:

What will happen with the engines of the new Volkswagen Golf?

in its interior there will be good settings, good quality, more space and a new multimedia system with gestural control.

From Auto Express we have pointed already to the possibility of finding a modular system of mechanics that would leave us with a good number of options , 3-cylinder and 1.5-liter cubicaje, in fact, the above-mentioned british points to that between the thrusters diesel would have a range of options between 75 to 120 horses moved by this set of 3 cylinders. Auto Express are not the only ones who speak already of three cylinders, and even the logic invites us to think about it.

of course, there will be an option hybrid, plug-in, as there is of the hand of the Volkswagen Golf GTE, nor variants of the sport (and apparently well-stocked power) citing the now famous article “what we Talk already of the next Volkswagen Golf GTI?”.

A fully digital instrumentation, a multimedia system controlled by gestures:

1440_interior-volkswagen-golf-e-touch-dm-1_1440x655cNo, the new Volkswagen Golf will not be a revolution in terms of style.

The new Volkswagen Passat has already charted the course of what we will find behind the wheel of the new Golf: a fully digital instrumentation. As with the Passat, we would find in the versions basic a conventional instrumentation.

beyond this instrumentation would be a new multimedia system which, as we have anticipated at CES, would have, among many other developments, with a function of gestural control in the purest style of the BMW 7 Series. Would not miss nor a voice control more advanced and an interface more customizable. In fact, Volkswagen wants to create a user profile with your preferences stored in the cloud.

we tell You more about the future multimedia system for Volkswagen in the article “Volkswagen e-Golf Touch: this is the multimedia system (with gestural control) you will have your next Golf”.

But… what will happen with your design?

As you can imagine we will not live an authentic revolution in style, but a evolution. As has been happening. Judging by the recent concepts, we can continue waiting for a predominance of straight lines, straight surfaces. New optics with all the emphasis of the LEDS, a new grille but in the end look 100% instantly recognisable as a Golf.