Volkswagen has already come to an agreement to solve the Dieselgate in the united States

Gama TDI Clean Diesel de Volkswagen en Estados UnidosFinally we know the way that will precede it Volkswagen face to compensate their customers in united States by the scandal Dieselgate. On the other side of the atlantic there are 482.000 passenger cars equipped with the engine 2.0 TDI, of the brands Audi and Volkswagen, which is affected by the well-known software brand that trampeaba the emissions of NOx in the approval testing.

Volkswagen has reached an agreement in court with the EPA (environmental protection agency), the Department of Justice and the Air Resources Board of California to address part of the problem of scandal Dieselgate. We still don’t know how Volkswagen will repair the cars, souped-up, but if we know that it will offer more options than the repair to all customers affected by these engines 2.0 TDI souped-up.

Audi A3 TDI Clean Diesel

The Audi A3 TDI Clean Diesel are also affected

Among the options that Volkswagen gives to its customers the most drastic is the repurchase of the vehicle by the brand, in such a way that the consumer would get rid of the car, and recover part or the total of the price of your vehicle. For those who have a car in leasing the brand be allowed to cancel the contracts immediately so that the cars are returned to the company, while if a client prefers, the option of to repair the cars to comply with the regulations is also envisaged, once you have a satisfactory solution to the various organisations that monitor to Volkswagen after the scandal Dieselgate.

Regardless of the option chosen, all customers will be compensated with an amount of money that is unknown for now, although it has been defined by some sources as “substantial”. At the same time, Volkswagen will set funds to remedy the possible consequences of all the gases pollutants emitted by cars, souped-up, at the same time you will have another game to promote the mobility technologies green.

Volkswagen TDIIn a short statement, the brand has ensured to be satisfied, to believe that they are cutting the problem on the right path to regain the confidence of customers, dealers and regulatory agencies. Until new order, the customers affected will not have to do anything. Even details are missing to know in regard to this court decision, without forgetting that Volkswagen still has more pending cases with the justice, not only in north America.

This agreement does not affect the 80,000 cars from Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche equipped with the engine 3.0 TDI and that they have also falsified emissions of NOx. This case will be resolved independently.

Source – Automotive News Europe