Volkswagen has patented the climate control of the future: touchscreen and the ability to become invisible


Volkswagen has patented a new climate control without buttons

Volkswagen, the big German manufacturer of vehicles, has patented a module control for the climate control seems to be abstained completely from the classic pad, wheels, and other mechanical controls in favor of a touch-sensitive surface of attractive design, able to camouflage itself in the central console.

The touch surfaces are gaining ground in the cockpit

little by Little, the touch surfaces are gaining ground to the classic hand-held pendant stations for their inherent simplicity, minimalism and style for the center console, even some manufacturers such as Tesla have been completed to eliminate all of them in place to install a touch screen of large dimensions, which provides a center console dynamics that changes menus depending on what you want to monitor or configure.


The images show the same module without buttons visible

Although without a doubt one of the key points of this module appear to be your ability to disappear from sight. The link shows an image on which the graphs that show the functions of the areas touch disappear. This implies that “buttons” become invisible when the vehicle is turned off or not we are making use of the air conditioning system, so as to seem like another bezel over the center console giving a design even more clean.

patents tend to be designs that many of them do not materialize but it would not be surprising that it is part of some prototype that ahead of new technological advances to the habitat of the constructor. Even could be a feature that you will see in the upcoming Volkswagen Golf.