Volkswagen I. D. CROZZ: A new prototype electric debuts in Shanghai

Volkswagen will bring to Shanghai his third model of the family, “I. D.”. The Volkswagen I. D. CROZZ is a prototype that teaches us how the future will be crossover, 100% electric, with format of coupe.

Tollowing the scandal unleashed by the adulteration of the data of pollutant emissions from their diesel engines, Volkswagen started with a offensive of electric vehicles that by the time they are presented under the format of prototypes.

Salon Automobile de Shanghai will witness the debut of a new conceptual work of the company Wolfsburg, on this occasion with the format of a crossover coupe.

this Is the Volkswagen I. D. Crossover Coupe, the third model of the family ‘I. D.’, then the I. D. Cocnpet presented in Paris motor show last year’s and the I. D. BUZZ that made his debut in the Detroit Auto show of this year.

This third installment, it’s about an SUV with four-doors with a body style coupe, which has four seats and independent doors with sliding panels, which allow a comfortable access access the squares later.

like the rest of the models ‘I. D.’ this Crossover Coupe uses two electric motors that produce a combined output of 306 HP, which allow reaching a maximum speed of 180 km/h and achieve a range exceeding 500 kilometers, thanks to its lithium-ion batteries of 81 kWh, that can be recharged to 80% capacity in about 30 minutes when using a quick charger.

like the rest of the models of the family I. D., this crossover coupé can operate in an autonomous way, since they only have to press the Volkswagen logo on the steering wheel, it is hidden to provide additional space and comfort for the driver while he do not need to attend to the driving of the vehicle.

The offensive power of Volkswagen already has a date of arrival in the market, as from 2020 models will begin to arrive gradually, so that during the next few months we will be able to know any of them in its definite format.