Volkswagen I. D. Crozz Concept: 306 HP and up to 500 km of autonomy

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Concept - posterior

Volkswagen I. D. Crozz Concept. So it looks like the new member of the family of prototypes I. D. Volkswagen.

just a few days Ago was anticipated by both plain teaser, and it’s official. The new member that will join the family of prototypes I. D. of Volkswagen is shown in all its glory, shortly before his debut in the Shanghai Auto show 2017. The new Volkswagen I. D. Crozz Concept follows the trail of the prototypes shown earlier by the German manufacturer. A preview of what’s coming with the major offensive of electric cars from Volkswagen for the next decade.

Aesthetically, the new Volkswagen I. D. Crozz Concept is shown with a sleek silhouette and a very modern. A SUV line coupe, whose futuristic design makes it clear to us at a glance that we are faced with a conceptual model very far from what could be considered a production version. However, it is very interesting to note their most characteristic features.

While the front doors are opening in conventional, the rear are sliding, allowing for maximum access and exit of the squares later. Both the optical front as the rears have a lighting system dynamic that allows you to vary your intensity depending on how fast you move and if we’re doing it in stand-alone mode.

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Concept - interior

Account with up to 500 kilometers of autonomy and is endowed with the technology driving autonomous.

Leaving to one side the exterior of the Volkswagen I. D. Crozz Concept and focusing on your interior, the first thing that calls the attention is that we are in a vehicle to enjoy the journey and forget about the driving. In its design, it has sought to create a warm, pleasant and comfortable. Elements such as the transparent roof that allows the access of natural light do not do more than accentuate the feeling of space.

As well mentioned some days ago, this new prototype for family I. D. of Volkswagen is endowed with driving technology autonomous. Simply press the logo of the brand located on the steering wheel for three seconds and the vehicle will pass to the autonomous mode. The car is equipped with all types of scanners, lasers and cameras to detect objects, vehicles or pedestrians. In addition, in the case of the driver select the system “I. D. Pilot”, the ambient lighting will change and it will change to a shade of magenta/violet.

on the other hand, the screen located in the center console as well as the dashboard digital put the note technology. Nor can we let pass without highlighting the HUD integrated into the windshield with augmented reality. The new system CleanAir allows you to maintain a perfect temperature in the cabin irrespective of the external environmental conditions.

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Concept

The Volkswagen I. D. Crozz Concept is powered by two electric motors that give a power of 306 HP.

Mechanically, there are not many surprises, since it is an electric car. The package of lithium-ion batteries located in the floor of the vehicle thanks to the platform MEB. It is endowed with two electric motors which shed a combined power of 225 kW (306 HP) and has a system of awd. It can reach a maximum speed of 180 km/h.

The battery pack of lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 83 kWh and thanks to this, the I. D. Crozz Concept has a range of up to 500 kilometers (cycle NEDC). You can get 80% of their autonomy in only 30 minutes if you are using an electrical load of 150 kW (DC).