Volkswagen indicates there could be a future Golf Targa


Volkswagen Insiders pointed out that An roofed Targa Golf type is considered. The model could reach a new body variant, along with eighth generation hatchback scheduled 2017. [1.99901 million]


DB2014AU00251 L through eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf is still a few years away, as the new model should arrive towards the end 2017 or early 2018. However, the Golf is slowly adding new options and a few days ago the German mark confirmed the R400, the most radical of all its variations, a power that could exceed 400 horses of force.

But when the generational arrives, it is possible that buyers can choose from an even wider family.

The eighth generation of the Golf could offer a new body variant Targa roof.

Under the European launch of the new Golf R and Alltrack internal company sources assured the Australian publication CarAdvice, a variant Targa hatchback most successful Volkswagen is considered.

In March 2014 Germans showed in the Geneva Motor Show a prototype which they called T-ROC , with Ceiling format of these characteristics. The conceptual work took about removable roof panels to transform it into a sort of convertible, whereby a production model with these qualities could reach the market to earn a spot between hatchback and the classic roadster.

The same source said that a Golf Targa is more than an idea, to the point that has been discussed at high levels as a possible new production variant. Of course the model is not yet officially confirmed, but the chances to hit the market are real.

However, the product still must overcome measurement of interest from the public . Hit the market this new variant, family Golf VIII will expand in a way hitherto unpublished.





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