Volkswagen is already testing its system of automatic parking

One of the main problems that exist in the big cities is to manage the car parks, well, whether outdoors or in spaces of community, is something that is not liked by the vast majority of drivers. Volkswagen is aware of this situation, and to give a plus of exclusivity to their next models, has been developing for years a system assisted parking – saving the driver the typical headaches that leads to this situation.

According to the brand, the operation of this system is very simple because it employs several radar ultra sound, cameras, and the mapping of the car park in the want to park the vehicle. Thanks to the union of all these elements, the car can move of the form autonomous within a parking so that, through a mobile application, is managed the maneuver with the driver and fill more efficiently the different empty spaces.

these moments Volkswagen is testing their system, assisted parking in the Hamburg Airport. The models that are being employed are the various units of the brands Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche in addition to the new parking system, are equipped with the latest technology in terms of driving autonomous of the German consortium.

When this first development phase has been successfully completed, Volkswagen will continue with other tests in different public parkings in Germany. To do this, is by establishing collaboration agreements with the concessionaires, since one of the premises to which this parking system can work, is to have the map parking in question.

When you have completed all of these stages of testing, the signature of Wolfsburg want to launch the commercial stage of this system. According to press release, the timing of which may do so shall not be before 2020, since the technology is not yet mature, and do not want to risk err. Will have to see how it works and if it really ends with the problem of the parking lots, because if the gps in the car does not have the mapping in the parking lot “X” of the city “And” nothing will serve.

Source – Volkswagen

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