Volkswagen is already testing the Tiguan R in Nürburgring


The 20-inch wheels available in the range Tiguan.

Our photographers have been able to capture that we believe is one of the first mules of the test of the new Volkswagen Tiguan R. That would be the most explosive of the range Tiguan, which as pointed the latest rumors would be equipped with the same base mechanics of the Golf R.

This would therefore, the definitive confirmation of the development of this new sports version of the compact crossover from Volkswagen, which also opens the door to the future version Cupra in the Seat Ateca, of which precisely has been talked about a lot these last few days.

This prototype was caught while conducting your testing on the facilities in the VAG group at the Nürburgring, and as you can see in the images does not have a camouflage one.


Four new exhaust outlets.

This unit, which seems to be a mule testing initial, available in your body package R-Line, so that at a glance looks like a Tiguan from series more.

however, our photographer says that this prototype was not only quite loudest that the Tiguan conventional, but that was visibly faster.

A look at depth reveals the presence of clearly of the four exhaust outlets, these being also of oval shapes, in place of the square or the double circular that can be found today in some versions of the range Tiguan.


This copy has the package R-Line.

A detail that calls powerfully the attention is the brakes. The discs peeking out of the spokes of the wheels, model Suzuka 20-inch, but it does not seem to be of greater size to those of the current versions of the crossover. This may be due to the optical effect by the huge size of the tires or that we are at a mule tests initial, designed to test some of the mechanical components.

to get to market with the mechanics of the Golf R current would have a power of around 300 horsepower, a great leap with the most powerful version current, the Tiguan 2.0 TDI BMT 4Motion 240 HP.