Volkswagen is crown as the most sold, but not overtaken the Corolla

Separación Grupo VolkswagenThe Volkswagen Group has achieved what he has dreamed of. This dream is not more or less than be the largest manufacturer of cars in the world. Well, 2016 will be remembered by VAG as the year in which it makes with the first position in the world market. Has cost him, and everyone thought that the crisis of Dieselgate could harm their sales, but it seems that it grows in adversity. As proof we have of his leadership tight in the european market with the Golf and the Polo as the most sold in the first half.

however for the Volkswagen Group that has not been complete. The reason lies in the other part of the world, and has solid arguments to not put things easy. This reason is nothing more than the Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla, of 635,000 units registered, has managed to place itself as the best selling car in the world during the first half of 2016. With this letter of presentation is more likely to end 2016 as the market leader revalidando for the twelfth time this title.

Toyota CorollaThe second best-selling model in the world during the first half of 2016 has been the Volkswagen Golf. The trojan horse of the German brand has managed to enroll the width and length of the world 500,000 units. These numbers attest to the German model, which fits well in all the markets in which it is on sale.

The mark that closes the podium of the models super sales is Ford. Your range F-Series is an authentic gold mine and is giving to the trademark blue oval great satisfaction. In the first half of the year has managed to enroll nearly 480.000 units, standing very close to the Golf course. in Addition to in the third place, Ford also managed to occupy the fourth with his Focus. The compact of the house has been able to sell more than 365,000 units throughout the world.

however, as a reflection I leave the following question: not only is it important to be the brand that most units sold in the world, but also the greater profitability obtained in each one of those units registered. In this issue the number one continues to be Toyota, though “for now” is in accordance with the silver.

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