Volkswagen is posed to continue in the WRC until 2022


It is not a secret that Volkswagen Motorsport has found in
the WRC the perfect shape of your shoe. The German firm landed in the World
Rally in a Volkswagen Polo R WRC from the very first moment has been
become the rival to beat. So much so that S├ębastien Ogier, Julien
Ingrassia and Volkswagen add three more consecutive titles of pilots, co-pilots
and builders and are at the gates of the fourth crown in each of the
categories. With the more goals met and the Volkswagen Polo R WRC new
generation on the road
, it is the time of look to the future.

The development of the new Volkswagen Polo R WRC involves
the signature ensures your stay in the World until 2019, while the
cycles technical championship move in cycles of three years, as
the sporting plans of the firm. However, with the appointment of Sven
Smeets as the new Director of Volkswagen Motorsport, the brand must consider your
future plan in the period of time between 2019 and 2022
, something that already
he began to manage the own Jost Capito, prior to their departure from the brand with
the direction of the team McLaren-Honda Formula 1.

All in all, the first intention of Volkswagen Motorsport is
stay in the WRC for three more years
, always and when the return of the media to be
the right and the cycles of approval to continue supporting up to 2022 . Up
now, the project in the World Rally has weathered with some credit the
scandal of the diesel engines of the mark, although like the rest of the programs
sports of the Volkswagen Group has had to ‘tighten your belt’. With
all, the brand has held three World Rally Car in competition -both in 2016
as in 2017 – and continues to gain in each rally to pisa.