Volkswagen is studying to save costs by reducing the number of versions

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan R-LineAfter the disclosure of the souped-up engines Volkswagen, the company is required to make decisions to meet the cost of has made this clear that, after two months, continues to occupy today in the world of the engine. A significant reduction in the number of sales motivated by the distrust of the clients, we have to add the cost of repairs, not to mention the amount you will lose in fines. It is for this reason that the same company announced is studying to reduce the number of versions and finishes of their models with the objective of saving.

Bernd Osterloh, head of the labor and employment team of the company, was the one who communicated to the journalists last Friday after a meeting with the main representatives of the brand. The goal will be to reduce about 2 thousand million euros, something more than 1.9 million, reducing as we say in both the number of variants or alternatives of their models like the finishes offered by the section that has to do with the equipment. A solution that could be confirmed in a few days.

Volkswagen Colour Up!The same firm that requires a strong investment the fact that you have so many versions in the range of their models in addition to a huge complexity in what logistics is concerned. With this solution would save a significant number and, according to his words, they should not be forced to cut jobs. In the same way, with the same objective, to review the salary of the senior positions.

As you know, the brand has announced that it will cut its annual investments up to billion. With this, added to the solutions raised today, they will seek to save close to € 5 billion.

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