Volkswagen just note the #Dieselgate in their worldwide sales


so far this year, January to October, the Volkswagen Group has sold 8.262.000 vehicles, 1.7% less than in 2014, or 3.5 per cent in October alone. If we see the results of the brand Volkswagen separately, and for the past month, the variation is of-5.3% for cars and of -9,8% to the trade, at the global level. In Western Europe the brand has only fallen 1.3%.

Before the #Dieselgate the brand VW had already fallen a bit during the year

Probably 2015 is not the year in which the VAG to take to Toyota the position of manufacturer in the world number 1. The German empire had been marked as a goal to achieve that milestone for 2018, something that can happen anyway. For the moment, the #Dieselgate has slowed the sales of the main brand, only in some markets.

More than the rejection of the consumer, the main reason is the order to stop the sales of diesel models that may be affected by the scandal of engines handled. In our country it has not been noticed at all, VAG enrolled 16.3% over the last month, compared with October 2014. Volkswagen was second by only a car more in front of Renault, third.

we Also have to take into account the great fall of the Russian market (-31%) and South america (-38,1%), the latter because of the problems that dragged Brazil. In the event that these two countries would have behaved the same, the VAG Group would be sold to 1,900 cars more during October 2015, despite the #Dieselgate. China is the first market, and hence the sales have dropped 6.1% per year for the brand Volkswagen. Only that note more that all the TDI is not sold in the last month.

therefore, for the time being the figures belie completely that has a severe punishment of the customers towards the brand Volkswagen. Already had slowed growth during the first three quarters of the main brand, and that it does not have anything to do with the scandal of engines handled.