Volkswagen Korama, a Amarok that seems to have come out of Mad Max

Volkswagen Korama Concept

few months Ago we were able to see for the first time face washing Volkswagen Amarok. The pick-up came with a series of changes and is now ready for commercialization in some countries. In the case of Australia you have wanted to give a different touch to celebrate their arrival. In this way is born the Volkswagen Korama, a unique creation that has a aesthetic impressive, in the style of Mad Max.

To create this copy has been taken as a basis, an Amarok with a V6 engine and has built a body, completely new. The process has lasted five weeks and the result is a body and aggressive with camouflage colors, similar to those that we saw in the oscar-winning movie. In fact, the creators of this Korama have been the same that were in charge of the vehicles of Mad Max.

When it was finished, the Volkswagen Korama was placed in the hands of professional drivers who were in charge of drive it in all kinds of situations.After testing the prototype camouflaged, was stripped of the body-improvised show at the popular pick-up. As you can see in the video, it is a marketing action to sell the Volkswagen Amarok. Does not seem to have worked badly, and 7.300 customers were interested by him.

One of the more engines sold in Australia will be precisely the diesel V6 3.0-litre that takes this Korama. This mechanic comes to replace the previous 2.0 TDI BiTurbo four-cylinder (which we have had the opportunity to try). Will come with three power levels: 163, 204 and 224 HP, highlighting the 550 Nm of torque you have the more powerful version. A curious action that will make the Amarok call more attention in Australia.

Source – Volkswagen Australia

Volkswagen Amarok

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