Volkswagen Lamando GTS, GTI four-door for China

The Volkswagen Lamando will premiere a variant ‘GTS’, it looks more sporty, equipped with the well-known engine 2.0 TSI with 220 horsepower.

Volkswagen Lamando GTSAndl Volkswagen Lamando which since last year is sold in China, is the production version of the prototype New Midsize Concept presented in the year 2014. Now in the framework of the Car show in Beijing that will take place in a few weeks, SAIC-Volkswagen will present in its alternative dynamics, that will be the last GTS.

The Lamando is a saloon media, with the format of a four-door coupé, the style of the Volkswagen CC, peo exclusive for the chinese market. The Lamando GTS will be the sport variant, so something like a GTI four door, which will have several visual improvements, in addition to a motor with greater power.

In the front will appreciate a new bumper with air inlets of larger size, a grill with grille honeycomb, decorated with a trim of red color, in the style of the Golf GTI, plus a few mirrors pitados chlorine-gloss black. Behind is seen a little wing, leaking of the rectangular format finished in chrome integrated into the bumper and the roof painted in black colour.

Under the hood is located the well-known engine TSI turbo – block 2.0-liter displacement and an output of 220 HP with 350 Nm, in combination with a automatic change DSG with double clutch and seven speeds.

Volkswagen Lamando GTS