Volkswagen launches the development of a platform MEB only for electrical

The future belongs to hybrid and electric vehicles and that Volkswagen wants to have a leading role

After a end of 2015, quite disastrous for Volkswagen, blow new air in this 2016. With a leadership totally renewed, the German giant begins to mark the roadmap for the coming years. And this does not pass by another way than by encouraging the development and production of more electrical units, which will benefit from a new platform, the so-called MEB.

there is Still a long way to go to see the first units to employ such a structure. Volkswagen has set a deadline of three or four years for this to happen, as there is still a lot of internal restructuring to do, and many projects that are in the disparadero output.

The fleet of electric Volkswagen still has to grow a lot, but it is a step in the right direction. The current drives like the Volkswagen e-Golf or the Volkswagen e-Up! used chassis adapted their brothers oil. A strategy that by the time it works, but that given the volume of units they expect to achieve will no longer be practical.

And it is here at the end of the decade the German brand wants to bring to market 20 new models. Many of them will not be electric, but a few yes. If we attend to the last few rooms, we see as Volkswagen has gone to all of them with a prototype which employs hybrid technology or electric power. The last of them, the Volkswagen T-Prime GTE Concept.

as commented the new CEO of Volkswagen, Matthias Müller: “We plan to make electric car one of the new features of Volkswagen. Our goal is to play a key role in the design of the mobility in the world of tomorrow”. A complicated task which they have before them.

however, Volkswagen knows that only with to boost the development of electric vehicles is not enough, so in his plan for the future there is also room for the implantation and creation of recharge systems. Technologies such as charging by induction are already a reality, now we just need to make it more accessible and useful to everyone.

The installation of a recharging network quickly and efficiently is also part of the plans of Volkswagen