Volkswagen launches the reconstruction of its image with new slogan

After eight years, the slogan ‘Das Auto’ will no longer be used. Volkswagen considers it pretentious and absolutist, just at a time in which seeks to recover his image.

Volkswagen-Das-AutoAndn the case of Volkswagen and the adulteration of the data of emissions from their engines has been transformed in one of the biggest scandals of the automotive world. But the German home do not plan to stay idly, because that will start a new public relations campaign aimed at recover your image, eliminating its current motto ‘Das Auto’.

a simple but effective slogan that they had been using since the year 2007, but believe the time has come to remove because they want to show an image of humility and present the world with the slogan ‘the car’ seems not to be indicated for these times, which considered the same directors of the company pretentious and absolutist.

according to the information, the change of the theme was discussed at a meeting of directors, although still has not transpired, which will be the one to replace. The recovery of the brand image starts with the introduction of the new slogan in a gradual manner in all of the markets where the brand is involved, presumably starting with the united States.

according to what is said in Volkswagen, the new slogan to demonstrate transparency and humility, in addition to put the focus on the development of cars environmentally friendly.