Volkswagen loses his first conviction in Spain for the dieselgate and pay 5.000€

Volkswagen-Audi España

Seat Volkswagen-Audi España, SA

AND the sixth was payable to Volkswagen. Despite the fact that everything is painted very black for owners of a vehicle affected by the software problem that altered the emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from the journal Expansion comes the information that Volkswagen has lost his first conviction in Spain for the case “dieselgate” and you will have to compensate an owner.

In particular, the judgment comes from the Court of First Instance number 12 of Valladolid. This court has decided in favor of the owner of a vehicle affected by the “dieselgate”. After five sentences please, Volkswagen loses first lawsuit in Spain since the start of judging. As we say, the previous five have been decided in favor of Volkswagen.

The above-mentioned means which echoes this judgment has gained access to the details of the same, the court has convicted the companies Volkswagen Valladolid Wagen and Volkswagen Audi Spain to pay a compensation of 5.006,5 euros for the damages caused to the purchaser of a vehicle that had the software that alters the levels of emissions.

Audi Q5 Quattro

The model affected of this decision is an Audi Q5 Quattro with a diesel engine of 177 HP in the year 2013.

But, in what has based the judge to impose this compensation? As it has been taken as a starting point the sale price of the vehicle, the price of which hovered around 50,000 euros. It is a Audi Q5 that is equipped with a diesel engine of four cylinders with a power of 177 HP and Quattro. Its owner purchased it in year 2013. According to the judge, the value of the Q5 altered has suffered a depreciation of 10%.

however, the judgment leaves in the air the reasons strict that the judge applied the percentage of depreciation since it is not based on any antecedent legal to apply it. And what does it say Volkswagen on the court ruling? From the group automobile German is limited to point out that they respect the judicial rulings and prefer not to make any comment about them. However, as a glimpse of their intention to appeal the ruling before the Provincial court of Valladolid.

on the other hand, the owner of the Audi Q5 affected has requested that at all times the full return of the money paid for the SUV in its day. We assume that neither will have been happy with the compensation of 5,000 euros. If finally the VW Group, appeals the judgment, we will see in what ends all.