Volkswagen might have to close the glass factory in which produces the Phaeton

The consequences of the Dieselgate for Volkswagen will not be pleasant. The brand has already announced its plans of cuts before the advent of a call for review of millions of cars whose cost will be tens of billions of euros. Almost nothing. Without compromising the key investments of the consortium automobile, you must cut billions in costs. One of the decisions that may have to take is the closure of the glass factory in Dresden where the Volkswagen Phaeton.

The total bill for the scandal of emissions could reach 80,000 million euros.

The superberlina of Volkswagen is pretty much a Bentley, at the level of the platform, quality and production processes. Is constructed almost handmade, to a current rate of 8 units a week. A low rate, also imposed by a market that just demand sedans of representation with an emblem generalist in the hood. In 2014 has just been sold to 4,000 units of the Phaeton, and your sales accumulate years of downward trend. Was one of the flagship projects of Ferdinand Piƫch, because (of the higher echelons of the Group.


all in all, the Board of Directors shall approve the closure of a factory flagship that employs 500 people, according to the reports of daily German. A factory that looks more like a boutique than an industrial facility. And the closing could not happen, because the new Volkswagen Group has announced that the Phaeton will continue to be its flagship, although equipped with an engine 100% electric. It is estimated that Volkswagen has lost about 25,000 euros for Phaeton sold since its launch in 2003.

Source: Autoblog
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