Volkswagen Motorsport always has the last word


following the announcement of the Volkswagen Group’s dismissal of
30,000 workers before 2020, the output of the Volkswagen Motorsport in WRC
it can be understood with a wider perspective
. All in all, the launch of the brand
German World is still far from being effective, since Volkswagen has several fronts open. The manufacturer must decide what to do with their Polo R
, both in its version of 2016 as in its new generation, as well as to give light
green for that their drivers be able to work with other teams before the end of the
year. In short, Volkswagen Motorsport always has the last word.

The German manufacturer has always been reluctant to share her
and in fact in his four years as official team in the WRC, ever
it has leased or sold one of their Volkswagen Polo R WRC. Very wary on this
look, his departure from the World has changed the perspective to such an extent that
Sven Smeeets has confirmed in the Rally of Australia Volkswagen lease
any unit of its Polo R WRC 2016
. The goal of the brand is that his World
Rally Car continues to have visibility in the WRC, and for that reason expect that your
car has competed in the Cup of Private pilots in 2017


Despite the rental of the Polo R WRC in 2016 and the project careers-customer
that the manufacturer intends to take with the future Volkswagen Polo R5,
brand philosophy has not changed in excess
and that is why you see compete
the new Polo R WRC 2017 seems today to be a chimera. In this
look, Volkswagen Motorsport has the firm intention of completing the last
requirements for homologate the Polo R WRC 2017, although the approval is not
can be completed in its entirety as the model will not have a competitive life

One of the options that it has come to shuffle the cards to put
the Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017, in competition, has been resort to Skoda
. However, the signature Czech has no plans to take advantage of the technical base that has been developed by Volkswagen Motorsport in the
creation of the Polo R WRC new generation. The own Bernhard Maier, CEO of
Skoda Motorsport, acknowledged that the objectives for the brand are well
covered in WRC2
through a model of career-client with the sell
the Skoda Fabia R5 and you will have to learn to own Volkswagen.


The other major aspect to solve is the management of the ‘settlement’ driver. Sébastien Ogier, Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas Mikkelsen are waiting to resolve his contractual situation with the German brand to be able to close their contracts with other teams and/or brands. With the different clauses and issues to be resolved between both parties, it seems unlikely that none of them will be able to clarify his future before the end of the month, despite the fact that Jari-Matti Latvala claimed in the week prior to the Rally of Australia that would announce his destination in around the last event of the calendar.

In this aspect, Sébastien Ogier is the most interested in solving all of the fast track. In fact, the French rider working to be able to reach an agreement with Volkswagen that breaks the clause that prevents you from trying out the cars of other manufacturers. The four times champion of the WRC seems willing to test the Ford Fiesta RS WRC of M-Sport and Citroën C3 WRC prior to signing for one or the other structure. The ‘agreement termination’ seems to be the biggest stumbling block to saving. For his part, Jari-Matti Latvala seems to be increasingly close to Toyota, while the future of Andreas Mikkelsen presents major unknowns.