Volkswagen Navarra will manufacture a second model alongside the Volkswagen Polo, Good news for Landaben!

Volkswagen has just announced a piece of news extremely important to their factories in Spain. Not only it was just announced that the investments of the German mark are guaranteed, that after the scandal of the diesel uncovered in the united States feared they were in danger, but also that there will be new investment. And there will be new investments because the factory of Landaben, Navarra, will for the first time, a second model from 2018, a model derived from the family Volkswagen Polo, as up to now will continue to produced in this factory. Recall that the Volkswagen Polo is produced for all over the world in Landaben since 1984.

Although not yet specified what model it is, could be the new crossover of small dimensions, based on the platform of Volkswagen Polo, which we expect to for years.

Of time, it is unknown what specific product will be manufactured in Navarra. All we know is that will be based on the same platform of the family Polo, and more specifically the new generation of Volkswagen Polo.

By the movements seen in the last few months, and the logic of the market, would not be unreasonable to imagine that this would be the little brother of the Volkswagen Tiguan, something like a todocamino of contained dimensions that would be called upon to face up to the Nissan Juke, Renault Capture, and company.


to get to this point, Volkswagen Navarra would have subscribed an agreement to sign a plan of improvement of competitiveness together with the unions last march.

Since Volkswagen Navarra began its activities have already been produced more than 7 million units to all over the world. In 2015 rubbed the 300,000 units, with 298.358 units of which 91% was destined for export to 60 countries. The Volkswagen Polo is the only car manufactured in Spain which is located in the list of the 20 best selling models in the world.

As a curiosity, the production of Volkswagen Polo is distributed in Europe, starting with Germany (19,48%), which receives one of every five cars produced. Follow France (14,45%), Italy (12,10%), Spain (8.7 per Cent), United Kingdom (6,44%), the Netherlands (3,56%), Belgium (2,74%), Austria (2,3%) and Switzerland (2.3 per cent).

Source: Volkswagen