Volkswagen Navarra will manufacture another model, and we get a sense of what can be

Emilio Sáenz, Francisco Javier García Sanz y Alfredo Morales

An important agreement for the future of the factory of Volkswagen Navarra and their workers.

Important news for the Spanish auto industry. And it has been announced that the factory Volkswagen Navarra will produce a second model. Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, Vice president, Global Crompas of the Volkswagen Group, has been the one who has announced this award along to the management and the representatives of the employees of Volkswagen Navarra.

And although there are not many details on this new model, the truth is that we can get an idea of what it will be. Volkswagen confirms that will share platform with the new Volkswagen Polo and is expected to start its production from the year 2018. You must take into account that the VW Polo is manufactured at the european level in Volkswagen Navarra, therefore, it is logical to think that the company look for a model that shares architecture with the compact to take advantage of the current capabilities of the factory.

Will be the first time in the history of Volkswagen Navarra the plant to produce a second model. To date, the factory has produced more than seven million units of the Volkswagen Polo, corresponding to four generations of this model. During the past year 2015, the production of the Pole stood in the 298.358 units, of which, 91% were destined to the export of some 60 countries.

SUV Volkswagen Polo - foto espía

Under this mule testing hides the future SUV based on the VW Polo. Could be the model constructed in Navarra.

The future SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo has all the ballots

So it is, the long-awaited SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo that we have recently hunted in has all the ballots to be this new model that will be manufactured in the Volkswagen factory in that autonomous community. A development of which we have been doing echo for quite some time and you will come to meet the needs of the customers of the German brand in the B-segment-SUV.

To be based on the Polo, which in turn will be based on the Volkswagen Golf car body with three doors, the models will share among themselves a large quantity of items. Will be mounted on the MQB platform and although will be based on the Polo, on an aesthetic level both models will be very well differentiated. And as well we have been anticipating, its landing is planned for the year 2018.

, And the eye, neither will we forget the new B-SUV SEAT

Another model which we cannot leave aside is the future B-SUV SEAT. Since it has been quite some time, we know that the brand is working on a new compact SUV that will be positioned a step below the new SEAT Ateca in the range. But, what is your relationship to save the model of the SEAT with the above-mentioned SUV based on the VW Polo? So that both will be “twins”. Share platform as well as a large number of elements and, obviously, ( mechanical.

therefore, there would be far-fetched to see in the future both models share assembly line in the factory of Volkswagen Navarra. We need to be attentive.