Volkswagen paralyzes in Europe the sales of models with engine TDI CR (EA189)


New movement in relation to the crisis of Diesel engines with programming hidden to make up your emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx). The VAG Group has stopped the sales of all the cars that are in stock with the engines affected by the scandal of the #Dieselgate, prior to the Euro 6 legislation.

Before it can be put back to sale, need to technical modifications similar to those carried out on engines that are already in the streets, to 8.5 million units only in the european continent. In previous episodes we told you that in some countries, had already been stopped such sales in a preventive way.

The movement is entirely logical, since these cars today do not meet the Euro 5 standard, or no regulation at european level over the past 15 years. We speak not of many cars, according to Reuters “a limited number”, which could be thousands or tens of thousands. It is not yet known exactly what changes will be necessary in the 1.2 TDI, 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI affected, nor the impact on its performance.

however, independent data obtained in the united States on the Jetta and Golf Variant demonstrate that there may be a loss of up to 15 HP engines 2.0 TDI, as well as a slight reduction of performance, that without a timer it is not very relevant. For engines of smaller displacement we still have no data.

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