Volkswagen Passat GTE: in march, will arrive at dealers the Passat plug-in hybrid

soon, very Soon, there will come an alternative more in the range of Volkswagen Passat dealers of Spain, a Volkswagen Passat GTE, inspired by a mechanical hybrid plug-in will be available in march.

The Volkswagen Passat GTE will be available in both with the body of the vehicle as with the body, family:

Presented at the Salon Paris 2014 Volkswagen Passat GTE arrives to propose a mechanical assembly that consists of a block 1.4 TSI engine of 156 horses and an electric block 112 horses, we proposed a total of 218 horses with the allure in addition to be able to circulate in all-electric mode for 50 miles.

Think about the routes that you do each day and how many of them would be able to settle within 50 km of electric range, the resulting savings that this implies, the improvement in comfort of ride totally silent… and, of course, seen as seen in Madrid, the opportunity to circulate in front of traffic restrictions, parking without payment of the blue zone…

Nree-bumper, a new provision of its daytime running lights, new upholstery, that touch of blue in his grille and brake…

Soon we will know its price, while keep in mind that the Volkswagen Golf GTE, before aids, has a starting price of 39.330 euros.