Volkswagen pleads guilty to three charges in the united States for the dieselgate

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Volkswagen pleads guilty to three of the charges against him or her by the dieselgate in the united States.

, it Appears that the soap opera of the Scandal Volkswagen walks into a straight final, in which maximum perpetrators of this hoax will end up dealing with the consequences of the same and the company will be forced to cope with large sums of money for the different penalties that you may face before the justice of the united States. If some days ago we talked about who had been arrested the first officer because of the dieselgate of Volkswagen, today we talk about the charges accepted by the company in the north american country.

The press release published by Volkswagen to make public this resolution begins with a Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen, intoning “mea culpa” and asking for forgiveness the american citizens for the crisis generated around the diesel engines souped-up. In addition, Müller anticipates that it will continue to work to change your vision and way of acting in the future.

Volkswagen AG has agreed with the Government of the united States to pay various penalties and fines (between criminal sanctions and resolutions civil) for a value of more than 3,000 million dollars, as well as the commitment to put in place a series of measures to strengthen further their systems of compliance and control of the emission regulations set by the u.s. government. In addition, the German company revealed that they will appoint an independent monitor for a period of three years.

Matthias Müller - Volkswagen

Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen.

despite the value of the various fines to be paid, one of the most important changes that are taking place about the history of the Scandal Volkswagen is that the German manufacturer assumes three different charges against him or her and convicted of the same. From Volkswagen AG have also wanted to convey to the american public that they are collaborating at all times with the Department of Justice of united States (DOJ).

however, and despite seeing a change of position of Volkswagen in front to their criminal and civil liabilities surrounding this scandal, the attorney general of the us attorney, Loretta Lynch, has pointed out that in the next few days they will continue to examine the various attempts that the German manufacturer launched for to attempt to dodge the regulations and “to deceive both the consumer and the Government”.

Currently and to the arrest produced a few days ago, the american justice has decided to allocate six exdirectivos and former due to his active role in what Loretta Lynch described as “a conspiracy of almost 10 years”. All of them are of German nationality and by the time they are accused of fraud to the united States and the customers of the brand in that country. And although it is too soon to hazard events, there are already those who speak of the arrests in case any of these officers leave Germany.